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Melissa Younce created and flawlessly executed the wedding of our dreams. She made every single part of the process so much fun and took care of every last detail to perfection. She knew what I wanted before I even did and made suggestions we never would have thought of. Her expertise, humor and ability to remain calm amongst all of the hectic excitement allowed us to truly enjoy every aspect of our special day. Her vendor recommendations were perfect and the team she assembled was not only the best, they were tons of fun to work with. Jessica & Travis (SB Polo Fields)

I do not even know where or how to begin singing Melissa's praises.  I enlisted Mel's coordinating expertise in planning our early August 2015 wedding in Los Angeles - and I'm glad I did.  My husband and I did some of the very early on planning (venue and photography selection), but needed someone with the wedding planning savvy to help with a vast majority of the remaining details.  Mel immediately saw our vision, and really executed it far better than we could have on our own.  What I dreaded most about planning was reaching out to a bunch of different vendors, juggling quotes and bids, and dealing with major (and minor) details as the wedding day drew closer.  Mel handled all of that.  I am extremely Type A and love to be in control (sorry about that, Mel), yet she handled my neurosis with ease!  She also did an excellent job of connecting with us on a personal level, which, in my opinion, really sets Mel apart.  If she sensed I was stressing about something, I would receive a follow up email just to check in to make sure all was good with wedding planning, work, etc.  Perhaps most importantly, though, was how well she handled the day of the wedding.  I really just showed up, and she took care of the rest.  Honestly, walking into our reception, with everything completely done and looking amazing was the best wedding day feeling (second only to actually marrying my husband!).  I'm sure some things went wrong (or at least not as planned), but if pressed, I wouldn't be able to tell you a single one.  Mel handles problems without you even knowing.  Trust me, on the day of your wedding, you want to be able to enjoy yourself, and not worry about whether all of the rentals arrived on time.  Mel gave that to us.  I HIGHLY recommend her to all future brides! Maura

In Gratitude...

Thanksgiving. We are finally back home today.  It has been an incredible couple weeks.  Thanks for making our day so special, we couldn't have done it without you.  We will definitely recommend you when possible. 
Scott Botsford (SB Polo Fields)

I highly recommend Melissa. We were planning our wedding in Santa Barbara for Sep 2014 from out of town and she was completely reliable, communicative, and accountable throughout the process. Melissa was able to customize her services to exactly what we needed and at a value price. She has a matter of fact approach and a knack for humor that kept the process light and fun and she ended up doing so much more than I expected. She was my right hand woman/facilitator/cheerleader - exactly what I needed in the months/weeks leading up to the wedding. I cannot speak highly enough about her execution on the wedding day. She was able to orchestrate the ceremony perfectly, work seamlessly with other vendors, thing on her toes and make decisions, and in the evening she managed to swiftly revive me from a momentary spell of nausea/exhaustion/anxiety that randomly overtook me! Everyone at my wedding was impressed with Melissa's execution during the entire evening and the most important part was that I got to be the bride and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Hiring Melissa was the best decision we made! “